Five Nights at Freddy’s Minigames

( All of these are fake )

What if Freddy’s had an arcade section?

Chica’s Cooking

Follow the ingredients and make as much pizzas as you can before time runs out for each round! Get the ingredients from the roller on the right and bring them over to your pizza.

Bonnie’s Beat

Time it right! Press the buttons when the notes are on the red, yellow or blue platforms. Get the carrots so you can perform a power strobe and get extra points! 

Freddy’s Fazcards

Flip over the cards and try to match the cards in pairs before time runs out! 

Freddy’s Fazcards BONUS LEVEL

You made it to the bonus level..unfortunately the level is glitchy due to underdevelopment and is impossible to beat.

FoXy’s feat

Help Foxy open the treasure chest by mixing and matching the icons in rows of 3! The bombs will help you clear up the board and get more points!

(via rebornica)